Do you want to see some drawings?

they do not have to be good drawings....

here are some of my favorite pieces, just to start things off.

digital art of Alfred from the death gate cycle- a pale, balding person in historical clothing- specifically historical underclothing: a white shirt, sleeves rolled up, a brown vest, beige thigh length  underpants, and silky white stockings going up above the knee, one already held in place by an intricately patterned purple ribbon. He is leaning forward to tie the other around his thigh, resting his leg up on something, with an expression of serene concentration. The background is lit warmly.

a digital drawing of Haplo from the death gate cycle and his dog, in front of a shadowed background. Both figures have their backs turned to the viewer, and Haplo is looking over his shoulder with a quiet dark expression. He has long brown hair with white tips, and is wearing a leather vest on a short sleeved shirt, with his arm covered by bandages up to the wrist. the dim light ahead reflects on his face. digital painting of my Artoo Deeto And See Threepio Gender Ambiguous Humanizations. Threepio is a skinny tan person with a bouncy black mullet of hair and large glasses, wearing a bright yellow crop top sweater and golden pants with a black belt. They have one hand on their hip, and are gesturing with a scolding expression at artoo. Artoo is a round faced, tan brown person in a gray wheelchair, with buzzed hair, a blue jacket over white tank top, and black torn jeans. They’re resting their elbow on an armseat of their chair, and their chin on their hand, rolling their eyes exasperatedly. The fuzzy background is a brown and blue room.
a drawing made with colored pencils and markers. In it, characters from the TV show Star Trek: Voyager are standing behind a big trans pride flag carried by Tuvok and Janeway, who has a lesbian pin. Between them stands Harry Kim waving a small rainbow flag, with another tied around his shoulders like a cape. To Janeway’s right stands B’elanna holding a medium sized bisexual pride flag. To Tuvok’s left stands Seven,  in a uniform, holding a lesbian flag. Namoi Wildman is sitting on her shoulders and raising a small rainbow flag. There is a crowd behind these chracters, raising nonbinary and asexual pride flags as well as a sign that reads “Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.“ gif of my idea of an animated death gate cycle anime opening, or a bit of it: close up on the pale face of Alfred, as his light eyes open and fade away int oa similar closeup of haplo's tanner face, with darker eyes and patryn white-and-brown hair. his hair flows in the wind coveringhis face as the camera zooms slowly away. you can definitely imagine it continuing into a dolly of him standing on a cliffside.

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